divine intuitive guidance for your life path

What is a soul reading?

A soul reading is an opportunity for you to receive profound answers, guidance & healing for any and all parts of your life.
It involves me using my highly attuned intuitive & empathic abilities to connect to the depths of your soul, your higher self & your divine essence.
By tapping into your inner most divine essence, I will give you the profound & life-changing answers, insights & healing you seek.

Who is a soul reading for?

A soul reading is perfect for you if you…
  • are feeling lost, confused and overwhelmed and want 
  • feeling blocked by an inner issue 
  • wish to  no clue what your life purpose is
  • need guidance into a specific life situation – relationships, career, etc.
  • seek general life guidance & divine reassurance from your higher self

Let's See If Our Journeys Are Alike...

No More Confusion... It's Time For Results

I know what it’s like to try to manifest your desires countless times, yet only end up feeling frustrated and disappointed. I struggled for many years with lukewarm results and went through some dark and tough days. Countless times I doubted whether any of this ‘manifestation’ stuff was real at all.

Yet I persisted. A part of me just ‘knew’ that it was true. So I incessantly studied and tested every law of attraction teacher, book, program and technique I could possibly come across. It was a long process, but it helped me to synthesize this vast and deep field into a set of clear techniques and principles.

And then it all finally began to CLICK! My wildest desires and dreams started to rapidly manifest and my entire life transformed in unbelievable ways!

And now, after many years of experience, I feel confident that I have found the most powerful and crucial pillars of manifestation that actually work to create any result!

The Results You Can Expect

I am most confident to coach on the topics of manifestation, self-development and spirituality. Your sessions can focus on one or all of these areas.

Manifest Your Desires

We will clarify your desires, release any subconscious blocks, reignite your belief and excitement in the manifestation process, and equip you with all the specific techniques and plans you'll need to get the results you want.

Upgrade Your Self-Image

We will uncover your core limiting beliefs and reprogram yourself to be the ultimate version of yourself. Gain authentic confidence, self-love and a winner's self-image. All of this will happen organically as we align you with your desires.

Guidance and Answers

We will heal and empower you through tough life situations and place you firmly on the path of your desire and dream life. Receive ongoing support and friendship during and after our sessions for any manifestation or life support you need.

Key Coaching Benefits And Features

*Only available in ongoing coaching packages, not single sessions. See offers below for more info.

What Others Say About My Coaching

"Tom has a gift for coaching. The questions he asks get to intricacies about your thought processes and manifestations you didn't even know were there. He provides incredible insights and advice that I find invaluable. I always look forward to my sessions with Tom and am forever grateful to him. If you feel less than your best self or lack any desires, then working with Tom is some of the best advice I can give you. He is thoughtful, understanding, and responsive. I couldn't recommend him higher!"
Scott E
1-on1 Coaching​
"I have had astonishing RESULTS from my coaching, and I really must THANK Tom for seeing in me what I have been having a lot of trouble seeing in myself. Not to mention for generously affording me so much of his valuable time. Tom really threw me a lifeline in a very low moment, when my ego nearly had me convinced I was on "yet another fool's errand" after so many disappointments. I'm really touched by what he said and - it was such a delight and frankly CATHARTIC!"
Caroline D
1-on1 Coaching

Why work with me?

Not only is teaching and coaching this information my top passion, I am committed to embodying it in my own life. This is not about jumping on the ‘life coaching’ bandwagon with the hopes of launching a cool business. To me, this kind of role is a way of life and a true privilege.

And that means a lifelong investment of time and energy into building the knowledge, skills and expertise necessary for giving you truly life-changing value.

So far this includes:

     • A Bachelors Degree with first-class honors in academic philosophy

     • 100+ hours of live 1-on-1 coaching training through the International Coaching Federation

     • Reading 100s of books on spirituality, personal development and manifestation

     • Spending 1-year of coaching with a law of attraction coach accredited by Bob Proctor

     • Daily spiritual practices and inner work to ground and deepen my spirituality

     • Daily study and practice of all the law of attraction techniques I teach

In short, I am committed to doing daily the things that will ensure I am
giving you the best tools and techniques I can find and am showing up
as the best version of myself.


My manifestation results...

Although I have faced many of the obstacles that come with figuring out how to bring my authentic desires to life, I have experienced many breakthroughs.

Through the use of the powerful techniques I have discovered, I have:

   • Manifested the girl of my dreams and have been in a loving 5 year relationship

   • Healed myself of various childhood traumas and psychological issues

   • Rapidly evolved my career, moving from a 9-5 job to having my dream business

   • Completely changed my physical appearance, nutrition, daily habits and lifestyle

   • Integrated a spiritual awakening and found a deeper peace with life and myself

Now in saying all of this, I readily admit that I have an infinite amount of growth still ahead. We all do. But the valuable thing about my journey so far is that I have come into powerful information, techniques and life wisdom that I firmly believe can help others going through similar experiences.

How coaching works...

All sessions are held via Zoom, with your choice of video or microphone chat.

My sessions use a mixture of two approaches:

 • life coaching – this involves asking you powerful questions that will expand your awareness and spark personal insights within you that will empower you towards your ideal life path. 

 • mentorship – this involves giving you more direct guidance about your life situation as well step-by-step instructions and practical techniques that will supercharge your results.

During the period we are working together, I am happy for you to message me if you require any further guidance or assistance – or simply to share a win that you have experienced in your life. I am here for you along your exciting journey.

Session types and rates..

• Single Session – a single coaching session (45 or 60mins) perfect for those looking for instant coaching and quick results on a current manifestation challenge, inner-block or query. We will get you the results you want!

Ongoing Coaching* – best suited to those looking for manifestation or life coaching and mentorship on a weekly, longer-term basis (4 – 12 weeks). We will first have a free discovery session together to discuss your current desires and challenges. After that, if you think I am the right fit for your needs, we will get started on your exciting journey. If not, no hard feelings at all!

  •  Discovery Session (30 mins) – FREE (ongoing coaching package enquiries only*)
•  60 mins – $ 111 USD
  •  45 mins – $ 88 USD

Please understand I can only take on limited clients at a time due to my current schedule. So if you are interested, please ensure you apply via the link below.

I look forward to working with you soon - it is time to transform your life!