Spiritual Coaching
Tom Douce

I will give you spiritual & manifestation guidance, support & empowerment that will completely change your life.

Dear lightworker, starseed, empath & awakening soul – if you have made your way this far, I am truly honored & excited for you. I am here to powerfully assist you in your life path so you can:

  • master your spiritual awakening
  • manifest your heart’s desires
  • heal yourself & raise your frequency
  • find your soul’s true purpose
  • break free into your dream career
  • create a life of abundance in all ways
  • feel aligned with your highest destiny
  • awaken the Divine Source of infinite love within you

All of this is what brings me true passion, meaning and joy!

Let's See If Your Journey Is Like Mine...

You've Suffered Enough... It's Time For Your Life To Change

I know what it’s like to be going through a spiritual awakening & expansive life path that can brings you to your knees.

During my own awakening journey, I felt challenged like never before. I was forced to face, question & let go of just about everything in my life. From belief systems… to emotional issues… to childhood traumas… to daily habits… to relationships… to living situations… to my my entire career… to my very identity itself…

I know what it’s like to hit the lowest of lows, where you really genuinely feel you’re not going to make it through to the other side.

Yet thankfully, through a mixture of unshakable faith, persistence & divine grace, I did make it through (& I absolutely know you will too).

Through receiving the right guidance, finding the right information, & applying the right practices, my wildest desires & dreams started to manifest & I found the divine love, unity & peace I had always been searching for.

And now, after many years of experience, I feel confident that I can help you through any part of spiritual awakening & life journey. I am here to help you fast-track your results – so you can manifest the happiness, alignment, abundance & success you seek in all areas of your life, inside & out.

What You Can Expect From Coaching With Me

Discover Your Purpose

Intuitive guidance & practical exercises that will reveal your soul's gifts & true life purpose

Upgrade Your Self-Image

Feel infinitely worthy, confident, lovable, and abundant within yourself

Profound Inner Healing

Permanently release inner blocks & emotional traumas - begin to love yourself fully

Manifest Your Desires

In-depth techniques, guidance for manifesting your heart's desires & dream life

Spiritual & Life Guidance

Receive deeply valuable support, guidance & insight into your awakening & life path

Why Work With Me?

Not only is teaching & coaching about spirituality & manifestation my top passion, I am committed to embodying it in my own life. This is not about jumping on the ‘life coaching’ bandwagon with the hopes of launching a cool business. To me, this kind of role is a way of life & a true privilege.

And that means a lifelong investment of time & energy into building the knowledge, skills & experience necessary for giving you truly life-changing value.

So far this includes:

      • Successfully working with 100s of 1-on-1 clients & guiding them to incredible results   

      • Investing $10,000s in others for my own spiritual coaching & personal development

      • A Bachelors Degree with first-class honors in academic philosophy

      • 100+ hours of live 1-on-1 training through the International Coaching Federation

      • Reading 100s of books on spirituality, personal development and manifestation

      • Researching & making 100+ videos on spirituality & manifestation on my YouTube channel

      • Daily spiritual/manifestation practices & inner healing work to embody what I teach

In short, I am committed to doing daily the things that will ensure I am giving you the most life-transformative support I can find & am showing up as the best version of myself.


The Life-Changing Results I've Seen In My Own Life...

Through the use of the same powerful guidance, insights & practical techniques I can give you, I have:

  • Integrated my spiritual awakening to a life-changing & satisfying depth
  • Started truly living in my soul’s purpose & helping thousands of people worldwide
  • Launched a YouTube channel with over 1 million+ views & 14K+ subscribers
  • Created financial freedom as my own boss in my dream business
  • Moved into a beautiful & high-vibration apartment in my hometown of Melbourne
  • Completely changed my physical appearance, nutrition, daily habits & lifestyle
  • Manifested a twin flame/soul mate relationship that completely blew my mind
  • Experienced deep inner healing, happiness, confidence, worthiness, & self-love
  • Had spiritual enlightenment experiences of indescribable love, bliss, peace & joy

Now in saying all of this, I readily admit that I have an infinite amount of growth still ahead. I’m far from perfect or anywhere near my soul’s highest evolution & potential. I humbly give all glory to God. But what I am grateful to say about my journey so far is that I have come into powerful information, techniques & life wisdom that I firmly believe can transform your own life. & I am here to share that with you, from my heart to yours.

What Others Say About My Coaching

"Tom has a gift for coaching. The questions he asks get to intricacies about your thought processes and manifestations you didn't even know were there. He provides incredible insights and advice that I find invaluable. I always look forward to my sessions with Tom and am forever grateful to him. If you feel less than your best self or lack any desires, then working with Tom is some of the best advice I can give you. He is thoughtful, understanding, and responsive. I couldn't recommend him higher!"
Scott E
1-on1 Coaching​
"I have had astonishing RESULTS from my coaching, and I really must THANK Tom for seeing in me what I have been having a lot of trouble seeing in myself. Not to mention for generously affording me so much of his valuable time. Tom really threw me a lifeline in a very low moment, when my ego nearly had me convinced I was on "yet another fool's errand" after so many disappointments. I'm really touched by what he said and - it was such a delight and frankly CATHARTIC!"
Caroline D
1-on1 Coaching

How Coaching With Me Works...

All sessions are held via Zoom, with your choice of video or microphone chat.

My sessions usually include a mixture of three things:

 • life coaching – this involves asking you powerful questions that will expand your awareness and spark personal insights within you that will empower you towards your ideal life path. 

 • mentorship – this involves giving you more direct guidance about your life situation as well step-by-step instructions and practical techniques that will transform your life.

 • intuitive guidance  – this involves me intuitively tapping into your energy field &/or opening up my consciousness to a higher state to allow direct ‘downloads’ of information (i.e. from the divine source, your higher self etc.) & then sharing these powerful & profound insights to you

Session Types & Rates..

I currently offer two types of coaching:

Single Coaching Session

Session Length - 45mins or 60mins

Best Suited For - you if you want more immediate, short-term support/results for an acute issue/situation in your life.

How To Book - please make your payment via the links below. We will then book a suitable time on my calendar & you be able to express to me your key desires/issues/areas of focus for our coaching & what you most desire to achieve in our 1-on-1 session

Session Rates - 45mins ($88 USD) / 60mins ($111 USD)

Ongoing Weekly Coaching

Session Length - 6 or 10 x weekly 60min sessions

Best Suited For - you if you want more long-term support/empowerment to create a more major positive shift/transformation in a key area of your life.

Exclusive Features - there are a number of exclusive features only offer to my ongoing coaching clients, such a customized desire tape (the most powerful manifesting tool I've ever discovered), practical worksheets/exercises for inner healing/finding your purpose etc., ongoing email support/coaching & much more.

How To Apply - please submit a coaching application for ongoing coaching at the link below. I will then be in touch with you to schedule a free discovery call where we will discuss your life situation/desired results & see if my coaching is the right fit for you.

Ongoing Coaching Rates*
6 weeks of coaching - $599 USD - 10% OFF at $99 per session
10 weeks of coaching - $949 USD - 15% OFF at $94 per session
*payment plans available

I look forward to working with you soon - it is time to transform your life!