My Story

A Search For Meaning, Purpose & Success

From a young age, I dreamed of living an extraordinary life. I longed for passion, meaning, success and a positive impact on others. It was a deep desire in my heart, the central drive of my existence. But time and time again, I held myself back as I battled through a myriad of internal issues. I suffered from depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, body-image issues and self-sabotage. Throughout this struggle, I attempted to find my unique calling many times, launching myself as an actor, entrepreneur, bodybuilder and writer. But all proved to be the wrong choice, and as my initial passion waned, I’d inevitably find myself sinking back into a solitary hole of self-pity, disillusionment and despair. This was my life-pattern for over five years.

Discovering Personal Development & Manifestation

By the end of 2016, I found myself in a state of total apathy. Then one day, by some stroke of luck or fate, I stumbled across a few personal development videos online. These videos spoke about how transforming one’s life not only took external action, but inner-work. After years of fruitless study of philosophy in search of practical life wisdom, these videos help me learn more about life and myself in a matter of weeks. Suddenly, I found my room full of self-help books. I felt invigorated and inspired at a core level once again. I began to develop a deep understanding of psychology and the subconscious mind. I honed in on my life purpose, built a series of empowering habits such as early rising, meditation and exercise, upgraded my nutrition and physical appearance, improved my intimate relationship, moved into a lucrative career in IT and most importantly of all, I built confidence, a positive mental attitude and inner respect.

My Spiritual Awakening

A year later, my life took another sudden turn… As I continued to study and develop all aspects of myself, and things like meditation were taking me to higher and higher levels of self-awareness, strange things began happening to me. Things that my rational and scientific upbringing couldn’t make sense of. Things that my past self would immediately role his eyes at and dismiss as pseudoscientific, new-age, mumbo-jumbo. But it was undeniable. I’d sit down to work at my computer and energy would begin to surge out of my forehead. I’d meditate and find myself transported into vast spaces of bliss and love where I became ‘one with everything’. I began experiencing astonishing synchronicities. I started utilizing my imagination to influence my reality and witnessed incredible results. Life began feeling so much more flexible and free. It was both amazing and overwhelming at the same time…

Proving Manifestation & Finding Peace

It sounds like my spiritual awakening was a beautiful thing – and in many respects it was. But it was also the most challenging period of my life. It shifted my perspective on so many levels and forced me to let go of many beliefs about life that both terrified me and broke my (ego’s) heart at the same time. But as I struggled, I simultaneously purified myself. And although this process is lifelong, I started to find a stable and strong inner peace, happiness, knowing and love emerge. Part of this knowing was not only that we are all spiritual beings having temporary human experiences, but that we are also the creators of our own reality. Manifestation is not simply wishful thinking, it is the very mechanism by which consciousness expands itself. And that has led me to this point, where I felt passionately inspired to help others process their spiritual awakenings and manifest their wonderful desires and dream lives.

Hitting rock bottom for the last time...

Present day.